Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Voices

With election day in full swing over in the US, I woke up this morning to some of the most passionate facebook statuses I have ever seen. I think it is amazing to see everyone so involved. How lucky we are that we live in a place where we can share our opinions so freely. Here are a few noteworthy facebook statuses...

-What's this erection everyone keeps talking about?...from a Canadian living in Tokyo
-Voted last week so doing what should really be done on Election Day: tanning & drinking on my roof. Past presidents would be proud
-People remember that it is NOT okay to post pictures of your ballot online! Don't cancel out your vote for something as trivial as a tweet!
-On this Election Day, I am thankful for my friends and the broad situational usefulness of alcohol.
-Happy voting day! I'll just be here holding my breath for the next 12 hours, praying that my rights as a woman don't get taken away from me today by a rich white guy...
-It's funny to know that, either way, half of the country is going to wake up pissed off tomorrow.
-i made it 4 more years without any proud republicans as friends!
-remember, if you're voting for romney, you vote tomorrow.
-It's so funny experiencing an election in California versus Texas. Talk about two extremes.
-i don't believe in the democratic party or the republican party, i just believe in parties
-I know I am supposed to do something today.....
-oooOoOo gooooddd. I never thought I would ever WANT to see or hear about your kids, dogs, or that sandwich you just ate. I can NOT wait until tomorrow when everyone stops being a political expert.
--Apple Maps projects Obama to win in Chile.
-Glad I wore my Captain America earrings to work today.
-If Obama wins, which it looks like it is going to happen... all I can say is... dude... u better put in some work n turn this country around like u said u would 4 yrs ago...

-President Obama has won Ohio. President Obama has been re-elected. Congrats, Mr. Obama. Excuse me, Mr. President.
-Thanks, America. You're still my favorite.
-Ron Swanson 2016!
-I am not an American citizen yet, but I'm as excited as If I were one right now :)!!!
-Above all God is in control.......
-Goodbye America ...it's been nice knowing you
-Well, I guess I will continue to struggle to find a job for at least the next four years. And for all the people saying that unemployment is simply due to laziness, I have a Bachelor's degree from a Top 5 School in the nation for my major. In the past two years, I have applied and interviewed for a ridiculous number of jobs but continue to not receive them. I find out later for almost every job that I have tried to get, a friend of the hiring person has received the job. So, it has nothing to do with laziness...it is simply poor economic conditions due to bad leadership. As a Christian, I will continue to know that God has a plan and is in control.
-Now if only Jay-Z could have the same effect on the Brooklyn Nets
-still don't understand how electoral voting makes sense. for a candidate to win by ONE MILLION popular votes, yet LOSE the presidential election, it just simply boggles my mind.
      -....call al gore
‎-1/2 of the US, and the rest of the world breathes a sigh of relief.
-So, do we push for a recount, or just concede and start working on the articles of impeachment?
-NOT HAPPY :( Just hope and pray that these next four years are different and better for the country
-Time to start impeachment!
-"thanks 'merica"
-Congratulations, Republicans. You have succeeded in your goal to make President Obama a one term president. One MORE term
-It may be a secret ballot, but really you only have to read everyone's FB status to see who they voted for. 
To those disappointed in tonight's results: We lived with Bush for 8 years, you can deal with Obama for 8, too. It's only fair.
-The air tomorrow morning is gonna taste FRESH. So invigorating.
-Women empowerment. women taking over the senate. Maybe one day a female president?
-democrats are like zombies. There are too many of them and at the end of the day you are no better off
- got 99 problems but Mitt Romney ain't one
--Maybe your concession speech is stuck somewhere in the bindaaas full of women. #byemitt
-Congratulations Obama and everyone who won in this year's election. For those who did not win, thank you for your service and for making this election season something to talk about

"obama just tweeted..." -l.k.


  1. A bunch more Facebook comments to add to this!:

    - Well, thanks Romney for reaffirming that you think women are home-makers. And you wonder why we didn't vote for you ...
    - One of my colleagues in response to Romney's speech: "I pray to hear a speech like this in Africa someday. Someone conceding defeat peacefully." Proud to be an American today for many reasons.
    - So relieved that we avoided "No Apology..." and are continuing on with "The Audacity of Hope..."
    - Signed, sealed, delivered.
    - great speech. OBAMA! traces of cutting the bull... "we need to fix that," and addressing the meaning of "hope" in this context. heck yeah.
    - "Historic Number of Women to Serve in Next Senate." Now this is my kind of headline!!!! We are getting somewhere, step by step, election by election!!
    - way to go Maine!
    - Should 19 year old idiot community college kids who have never paid a dime of income tax in their lives be allowed to vote? On that note I don't mind having less of a voice than, say, someone who makes $150k/year and is taxed a lot more than I am.
    - Struggling to stay awake after waking up at 430 am to watch the election results come in...have resorted to drinking Nescafe. I'm too old for this! --> Agh me too! I was so curious to know I kept waking up--at 2:30, 3:30 and then was woken by hoards of ecstatic texts from friends and family in the states at 4:15. Very unrested today! But happy.
    - Yay! Obama! and Ohio, my home state!!!
    - Hoy me levante un toque picada, pero la verdad es que mi esperanza esta en el Rey de Reyes, y sea como sea, amo mi pais hasta la muerte.
    - Thankful for Prop 30's overnight turnaround!! Extra proud to be an American and Californian today!
    - Yay! Obama! I'm so excited for... 4 more years of partisan grid-lock?
    - California, we were not the first to legalize marijuana and we kept the death penalty. What do you think this is? Texas??
    - we're turning a corner.....

    And the most true of all: "Today, my newsfeed will reveal the political opinion of everyone I know. Muahaha!"

  2. - What a great speech!! I want to CELEBRATE but for some reason I think if I started dancing on the streets of Bruges at 8am I might get some funny looks...
    - Best birthday ever. Thank you, America.
    - Good speech. And I'm very relieved. But as Obama himself said, our work does not end with our vote. Obama is not going to magically become the progressive we want him to be. Indefinite detention is not progressive. So-called clean coal is not progressive. Wars of aggression are not progressive. Drone strikes are not progressive. Climate silence is not progressive. You can blame him for these things or you can blame the system, but either way the solution lies with the people. To quote Howard Zinn, "The really critical thing isn’t who is sitting in the White House, but who is sitting in– in the streets, in the cafeterias, in the halls of government, in the factories. Who is protesting, who is occupying offices and demonstrating– those are the things that determine what happens."
    - Hillary Clinton 2016. And with that, I'm done.
    - Obama finally let Michelle write his speech! ;-)
    - Burning in tears with Obama's speech :)
    (and so happy to see how many of my friends are sharing this feeling.. It looks like I have the right people surrounding me).
    - Omg, still love the shit out of you, #Obama!!
    - Being 6 hours ahead of the US can stink...except when you wake up to the best news ever! Today is going to be a good day :)
    - Jesus is our Lord and King. Keep praying for God to guide our government leaders to fulfill His righteous cause. Let us praise God in the good times and praise Him in the bad times. Sing praises to our Lord. \ :D /
    - one of the few times I dislike being on the east cost -I can barely keep my eyes open for this acceptance speech! #am i too old for elections already?
    - Heart of my own heart, whatever befall
    Still be my Vision, oh Ruler of All.
    - Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster. And all of my friends who knocked on doors and allowed irate citizens to berate them over the telephone for hours on end--you're my heroes!
    - I can go to sleep with fewer worries than I woke up with :)
    - We're certainly happy to hear the news down here in New Zealand!
    - It is a BEAUTIFUL DAY !!!!!
    - My tour group of two Scots and a Belgian (plus myself) toasted Obama at lunch.
    - Yes!!!!! Iti was worth staying up until 2 AM !!!!!
    - buh BYE mittens! THANK GOD. wow........WOW. thank god. not going to bed until i hear romneybot start running his concession programing.



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