Thursday, January 10, 2013

Birthday Girls

While I was home in CA, in addition to celebrating Christmas and New Years, I was also around to ring in my 26th birthday! I'll admit, it has been the first birthday thus far that made me feel, well...old-ish. 25 was a nice, neat number that conjured up the idea of youth, adventure and maturity all in one. But it seems at 26, people skip the next few years and leap to you being 30, which leads to real life questions...marriage, job, children. Ahhhh! I am not quite ready for that. For now, I am content being my mid-twenties self. 
Don't even try to tell me I'm late 20s...don't even think about it. 

My actual birthday began with some coffee and a few of my favorite homemade scones from Aunt Beth. I hung out with Lauren the rest of the day and we did all our favorite things, manicures, massages, In-n-Out and NCIS. The night ended with a few of my close friends gathered around my kitchen table, glasses of wine and some excellent conversation. 

A few days later, I had a joint birthday with my good friend from high school, Megan. Our party was complete with a few of our favorite people, excellent appetizers, balloons and 99 cent tiaras.


[The Latest]

Must Read: Mars One...anyone want to move to Mars? You have until 2023 to get packed.  
Google Search: Mezuzah
Tune: Everybody Talks By Neon Trees
Accomplishment: Working on my resume this morning.
Obsessions: Winter Dream tea from Coffee Bean.

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  1. Those tiaras actually came from the The Dollar Tree-nothing but the best for my daughter!



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