Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Friendly Shout Out

I don't mean to brag, but...
I have really cool friends. Quite a few in fact. Doing quite a few really cool things. 

Some are living and working in nifty places like Australia, Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Taiwan.
One even works on a cruise ship and travels just about everywhere!
Some are back in school studying to be things like doctors, lawyers, masters in education and PhD's in Spanish. 
Some work in big kid cities, for big kid companies and live in big kid apartments. 
For some, bells will be ringing as they work on planning the best day of their lives.
And some are still working on the next step, cough, cough.

As of late, two in particular have done some pretty neat things that people need to hear about. 

Megan Groh, one of my good friends from college, recently started her own business!
Little Details California is a Day of Wedding Coordinating resource.
Her website explains it better than I ever could...

A little about the business
Little Details is a Day Of Wedding Coordinating resource designed to help your ideas and thoughts come to fruition.   Some of the brides and grooms I have worked with know exactly what they want, when they want it,  and how to get it done. They simply need me to make sure that the day runs smoothly and that they have a point of contact that understands what they want and can get it done.   Other brides and grooms need help deciding their vendors, setting up their budget and deciding what would work the best for their day.  Some have been right in the middle.   Little Details is here to help!
-taken from Little Details CA

So proud of you Megan!

Jenny Byrne, a friend from high school, recently helped open a new restaurant in Oakland, CA.
Jenny and a few of her former Chez Panisse employees branched off to open their own ramen restaurant, appropriately called, The Ramen Shop. The place has only been open since January, but has gotten some seriously good reviews. 
Check em out here, here and a yelp review here.      
When I was up in San Francisco just before Christmas last year, The Ramen Shop, was having it's soft-opening, aka play restaurant. Jen invited us over for a meal and I can honestly tell you, as someone living Japan, it was some of the freshest ramen I've ever had. Seriously, go. 

Big congrats to Jen and The Ramen Shop team!

Even made the cover of this month's San Francisco Magazine. 
Happy Ramen-ers!
The Ramen Shop

5812 College Avenue
Oakland, CA
Ph: 510-788-6370

4PM to midnight, except Tuesdays
No reservations

Twitter: @ramenoakland

So proud of you two, 

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Must Read: Don't Get Up App. Makes Your Couch a Cool Spot...NY Times. 
Make sure to read the 2nd to last paragraph. 
Google Search: Come on Eileen Artist.
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Accomplishment: Some excellent time managing this weekend.
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