Thursday, February 21, 2013

Read & Run

Today at school we did Read & Run, an absolute favorite with the students. 
Here's how it goes...
The kids get in their lunch groups and close their eyes for a few minutes while Keima and I run around the room taping up scrambled sentences in sneaky places. When the kids "awaken" they send a runner from their group to seek out a hint. The kid has to memorize the scrambled words and report back to the group. Together, the kids try to make a sentence, once they have Keima or I will check it, if it's correct they send another runner to find another hint. Ultimately, the groups are competing against each other for stamps on their participation sheet so it gets pretty competitive. If you can envision all this set to The Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack, well then, you might as well have been right there in second period with us!

When Keima drew a layout of the classroom, he was sure to add him and me...and my bun.

Read & Ran,

                                                                          [The Latest]

Google Search: Oscar Wilde.
Tune: Little Lion Man By Mumford & Sons. 
Accomplishment: Some great lessons today.
Obsessions: Pho.

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