Friday, March 23, 2012

Moms and Girls

Since we were in high school, a few of my best girl friends and our moms have gotten together about once a year for lovely afternoon of chit chat and conversation. As we've grown older, it's become increasingly difficult to get everyone together. Though when we finally do, it's always an evening to remember. We have discussed everything from where we would go to college, what we would study, future travel plans, who would get married first and the inevitable topic, usually spearheaded by my mom, "where will we all be in 5 years?"

"Now girls, where do you think you'll all be in 5 years?
Who wants to go first?!"
-My Mother

Tonight, no one was under 25, in my mind making us all "real people" and I realized how grown up we've all become (a real shocker since I still think I'm 18). Over an amazing orzo salad and flank steak we celebrated a birthday, a new apartment, a PhD program acceptance, an engagement, a new Aunt, another contracted year abroad, and a trip to China.
Maybe we are big girls?

The Girls, Minus Two.

[Moms and Girls]

Jenifer & Megan. 
Lauren & Mindy.
Eileen & Kate.
Kiana & Michelle.
Kiana was missing a mom, and Michelle was missing a daughter,
so tonight they were a pair.
Plus, they just look so much alike. 

Eileen's Daughter,

[The Latest]

Must Read: Better Than Words With Friends...from Slate.
Google Search: The Descendants.
Tune: Cha Cha Slide By DJ Casper.
Accomplishment: Getting my friends to use the Japanese phrase, dijoubu. Well done girls.
Obsessions: Megan's Tres Leche cake.


  1. Very cute...who is engaged (not that it is any of my business but I am nosy)?? Also, Pato and I rented The Descendants. Recommended. By me...not Pato.

  2. Kate, well done although this time I did not bring up the future. Mom



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