Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gaijins In California

For a few days this past week, I got to hang out with a few of my favorite foreigners. Ian and his girlfriend, Maya. If you remember, Ian, a former JET, and Maya were my neighbors over in Japan. They concluded their time in Japan last summer and have been living in Australia ever since. With the magic of imessaging we keep in pretty good contact, but nothing beats a real life hang out sesh. 

They stayed with me for one night, and spent two other nights in another part of LA visiting a different former JET (we're everywhere!). In that time I made sure they had quality Mexican food, walks by the beach and frozen yogurt. I sent them to Hermosa to explore and shop one afternoon and they didn't disappoint. Maya returned with a pair of rainbow sandals, reef sandals, and Toms. She's officially ready to take up residence in southern California.

It's ok Ian, I too get that excited about Yogurtland.
Had such a good time with you two! 
Enjoy the rest of your time in California, reconvene in a different country next time? 
You let me know.

Always good to see a familiar face,

[The Latest]

Google Search: The IRS.
Tune: California Girls. By Katy Perry. 
It came on the radio while I was home, I went around the block again to round the dance sesh I was having in the car. 
Accomplishment: Fitting everything in my suitcase. I was shocked it zipped.
Obsessions: Body of Proof.

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