Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Norm for Me, A Chuckle for You, 3

Last week, I was in search of a new planner. So, after drinking down a Starbucks, my friend Debs and I made our way toTokyu Hands. A store, like many in Japan, that has everything. Suitcases, exercise equipment, make-up, cell phone covers, lotion, cooking supplies, you name they have it. After browsing the, always entertaining, make-up counter, looking at tools to roll out wrinkles, or stickers to give ourselves a more visible eyelid, we headed to where we needed to go. The stationary section takes up a large portion of the top floor, and after walking past approximately 54895793 pens in 7498 colors, we found paper products.

Tokyu Hands Pen Collection.
Just as I picked up a planner to flip through, I heard Debs laugh from the next aisle. She had stumbled up these winning post cards. And after the post cards, the stationary entertainment didn't stop there.

It's always a good day when a kitten is randomly placed in front of a sakura tree.

Whoever gets married next will no doubt get this awesome Disney, hologram, wedding card. 
Not adjectives you usually see together. 

Happy Wedding, from hologram-ed Minnie herself.
The Perfect Tiered 
Whatever the hell that means...

Without question, my favorite find of the day. 
Bible Sized monthly refill paper. 

In Japanese it says, diary refill, which if anything, just confuses me more.


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