Monday, April 16, 2012


This past weekend I went to a taiko festival about 40 minutes away in Narita. Since seeing taiko as kid at some festival in Torrance, I have been completely enthralled by the drums. I love how massive they are and how rich the sound is. Most arcades here have a taiko to the beat type game. I am in love with it, and would realllllllyyyy like to have one of my own. If anyone wants to make that happen, let me know.

The festival this past weekend had groups of taiko drummers of all ages from all over Japan, set up in booths down the main street, with a collective parade at the end. I started to take pictures, but realized they wouldn't do justice to the sound and power of the drums. So I began taking little videos. Last night I put them together to make one big one!
And by big I mean like 4 minutes.
The video isn't super impressive, but I'm so proud of the little guy!
Click here to watch.

Drum, Drum, 

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Google Search: Chiba Orphanages.
Tune: Fidelity By Regina Spektor.
Accomplishment: My little video.
Obsessions: Love and Other Drugs-the movie.

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  1. Great vidio & looked like fun to be part of, I enjoyed your test photos of the fair to E. Love Ya



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