Thursday, April 5, 2012

New School Year

                          As spring is slowing approaching, a new school year is beginning here in Japan. 
                                   Today marked the first official day of the 2012-2013 school year.  

The First Sign of Spring.
We had a very formal opening ceremony that lasted most of the day followed by a special sushi lunch for just the teachers. Last year when I fled Japan post earthquake, I missed out on this ceremony and everything that comes with the beginning of a new school year. When I finally returned mid April of last year things just weren't the same. Everything felt off since I wasn't there for when it all started. I wanted to make sure I was here for day one this year, if it was possible.

The ceremony, which really was to welcome the new middle school freshmen (our 7th grade), went beautifully. The new kids processed in with their class, then stood when their name was called, all while proud parents and their video cameras took up residence in the back of the gym. My only participation came when I went on stage with a few other teachers to be introduced to the new parents and students. They called my name, and I answered with a Hai!, stepping forward and listening while the principle read a few sentences about me. I then bowed and let out a confident yoroshuku onegaishimasu and stepped back into line. The principle had gone through everyone who was on stage and we were all about to bow one final time, when the new, and extremely shy, librarian scampered up on stage. Apparently she missed when we all processed up, not sure how since she was sitting right behind me. None the less, at that moment I didn't feel like the least Japanese person in room. And that, friends, is hard to do.

Tomoko Sensei Officiating.
Class 1-1 Processing Out.
Special Sushi Lunch.

Would be 20th grader,

[The Latest]

Must Read: Girl Forced To Run 3 Hours, Dies..from USA Today. WTF?!
Google Search: White confectioner`s coating.
Tune: California Love By 2Pac. It came on this morning while I was getting ready. Made me smile.
Accomplishment: Using more Japanese.
Obsessions: The New Girl. This week`s episode make me laugh right out loud. I watched it twice.

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