Saturday, February 11, 2012

30 Days of Photo Fun:The First 10

About a week ago, 10 days to be exact, I took on this challenge. I have had a great time trying to be as original as possible with my pictures, accomplishing the assigned task while adding my own unique touch. I have made it a point not to use any pre-saved photos on my phone. So, everyday I am taking a picture and acting as sole photographer. 

Here are the results of the first 10 days of my photo challenge, let me know your thoughts!

Day 1: Self-Portrait
Tired morning eyes, happy Friday smile.
Day 2: What You Wore Today
There is no un-awkward way to do this...
Day 3: Clouds
Well there weren't any, so I went with the other thing in the sky.
The moon.
Day 4: Something Green
Breakfast of champions.
Day 5: From a High Angle
This is one of my faves.
Day 6: From a Low Angle
Up, Up, Up to the train platform.
Day 7: Fruit
Used in an old elementary lesson.
Day 8: A Bad Habit
I've bitten my cuticles for as long as I can remember.
Day 9: Someone You Love
This is the background on my phone...screenshot!
Day 10: Childhood Memory
Sakka, or as we say it, Soccer

10 of 30,


  1. I like your tired eyes and happy smile best : ) (I look like that all the time).

  2. I love them all, so very much! Miss you! Your posts light up my life : )

  3. hope you can excuse my pedantic behaviour: bokeh (a Japanese word meaning 'confusion' eg. jisa bokeh - jet lag) more specifically refers to the quality (smoothness/creaminess) of the out-of-focus areas of the picture. maybe incorrectly, but it suits the situation; after several bottles of Australian beer I can excuse my behaviour with a mumbled 'sumimasen, chotto bokeh desu



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