Monday, February 27, 2012

Mapped Out

When I was home last week resting my boil, by the end of the day I was getting kind of bored. I had done dishes, cleaned a bit, and logged quite a few hours of TV. I started looking around my house for things to do. I saw my scratch off travel map sitting in the corner, still in its packaging. I received it from a friend for Christmas and was clearly saving it for something special...not sure what, so I decided to break it out and enjoy it. I'm sucker for hands on things, or things where you can track your progress. I'm also in love with this map so I thought I would take a few pics and show you my latest activity.

The World...Pre-Scratch.
The World...Post-Scratch.

Yes, I'm from Los Angeles; No, I've never been to Mexico.
I've decided that one day at Papas and Beer in Ensenada, on my junior year Spring Break booze cruise, doesn't count. 

I chilled with Adele as I found and scratched the 11 countries I've visited. Disappointingly, I realized how small they all were. I hung my map up and instantly, mentally altered the next few countries I want to visit. Originally, Greece and Slovenia were next on my list. But they're small. Screw that, they just got bummed for Russia and Antarctica!

My wall needed more, so I found a set of frames I'd purchased at IKEA and added a few of my favorite postcards. Arranging them on my wall beneath my map.

I have to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying the little make over to my bedroom.


[The Latest]

Must Read: Sincerely Hana Blog ...just click, it's an amazingly simple concept that makes for great photos.
Google Search: Nagano.
Tune: Turn Up The Music By Chris Brown.
Accomplishment: Reading rather than watching TV.
Obsessions: Green Beans. I have no idea why.


  1. KB you do a fine job at entertaining ones self.
    love ya cw

  2. KB Love your skill to entertain your self. Love Ya cw



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