Sunday, February 12, 2012

Clean Pots

This post is unlike most I have written before but I just had to tell you about my latest discovery!

You may have thought the title was some kind of nifty metaphor, when in fact, it is literally what I want to show you in this post. About a month ago I made homemade popcorn on the stove, burning it once, setting off the smoke detector twice and thoroughly pissing myself off. I vowed never to do it again. That vow took care of the popcorn and smoke detector problem, but what was I going to do about my pot? It was scalded, black, crisp and gross at the bottom. How was I going to make my ever famous pasta with butter and parm???

So I did what any person in 2012 does when they have problem. I Googled.

There were countless home remedies on how to clean a stainless steal pot. Many deeply involved with time and ingredients I didn't have over here in Japan. Though, there was one remedy that kept popping up and seemed simple enough to try, also figuring that even if it went south I couldn't ruin anything more than I had already.

People had swore that boiling laundry detergent in a scalded pot will clean off the gook at the bottom. I had nothing to lose. I reached for my Japanese powered laundry detergent and set to work. Google didn't give me too much detail so I ad libbed. Sprinkling just a bit to cover the bottom, adding about 2 inches of water to start. I turned on the heat and pulled up a chair.

Initially I put the lid on, but soon found, that resulted in the bubbles coming up too fast, potentially causing an overflow. I lifted the lid before it got that far, and upon further examination found that the lid, which also had a layer of film on it, was sparking!I wiped it down with a sponge and ran next door to show Kim. She too was amazed! She was only allowed 10 seconds to oooohhh and ahhhh as I had to get back to babysitting my pots. I walked back in to find the house smelling amazing. I watched now as the bubbles had become more vigorous, working like little sponges to take the grime off the sides of the pot. I was so excited for them to be done. I couldn't wait to see the end result.

After about 15 minutes I dumped the water and was literally blown away at how brand new they looked. Amazing!

Used and Abused.
A Sprinkle of Laundry Detergent.
Boiling Bubbles at Work.
Seconds After Dumping the Water.
The difference already is amazing!
Pain-free Scrub.
I wiped down the pots with a sponge to remove
any left over film from the detergent. 

I can't tell you how amazing it is to have something so dirty come back to life so quickly, and with such little effort! Feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have any questions. If you've been wishing for clean pots, hope this helps!


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