Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Newly Refridgerated

About two weeks ago I grabbed my milk out of the fridge only to find that it was somehow warmer than the rest of my house. I did some more investigating and came to find that nothing in the fridge was cold, and in fact everything in the freezer was thawed. Well, crap.

I went to Kim's house to tell her of my latest debacle, and ask if she would use her amazing Japanese skills to explain to our Board of Ed(BOE) that my refrigerator had rebelled against its cooling task. She did, and our BOE said that someone would be out to look at in a few days. The man came, he looked, then asked if I understood Japanese. ''Skoshi dake,'' I replied. It's true, I only understand a little, but I had recruited Kris to sit next to me in case the refrigerator whisperer had something potentially important to say. The refrigerator whisperer turned to face us and said, ''Anatta no reizoko...,'' then paused and made the full arm X. The most undeniable gesture around. It was official, my refrigerator X.  Well, crap. Again. 
I headed back to Kim's.

Our BOE reported that they were working on it. Between sitting and waiting, I strategically shopped at the grocery store, avoiding most perishable items, stored a few things at Kim's and ate out the rest of the time. Then, Kim got a call the other day from the BOE saying that a man would be by Wednesday to replace it and would I be ready. Well of course!

It's Here!
The men, through gestures and Japanese, explained that I wasn't to plug it in until 7pm. They also taped this lovely illustration on the fridge so there would be no questions. They probably could have done without the clock, but thanks for going the extra mile. 

Kim catchin a glimpse.
As you can probably gather, I'm a pretty big fan of my new fridge. All modern and sleek. I went shopping last night and bought all fresh veggies and dairy products. I was then, probably more excited than necessary, to organize them in my sparkling clean, beautiful smelling, reizoko.
It was a perfect Wednesday treat. 


[The Latest]

Google Search: Buffalo Wings in Japan
Tune: Feel So Close to You By Calvin Harris 
Accomplishment: Finding a few excellent, majorly on sale, items from GAP.
Obsessions: New iphone usable gloves...again. Can't get enough of those little guys. Thanks Linds! 

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  1. That's how excited I got when the yakuba replaced my kerosene heater! I completely understand. It was between me freezing my ass off in the middle of winter, or sleeping in my snowboard jacket/pants. Hmm.



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