Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Change For Charlie

This is my dog Charlie. 
He is the best dog in all the land. 
He is extremely social, a great athlete, always smiling, loves to nap, 
and has hair that most girls would kill for. 

That is until one day...

A few weeks ago, I got this tragic message from my mom.
I am still grieving.

and all so she doesn't have to vacuum.
for shame mom. for shame.
Charlie told his girlfriend, Sheila, his thoughts on his new do. Sheila told her owner, my friend Tori, who relayed the message to me. This is what he had to say about the matter...

Don't worry Charlie, I'll talk to mom and see if I can prevent this from happening again.

Long haired big sister, 

[The Latest]

Must Read: 25 Ways To Tell You're a Kid of the 90s...from Buzzfeed.
Google Search: Conversation topics for adult ESL students.
Tune: Glad You Came By GLEE.
Accomplishment: Deep cleaning my shower.
Obsessions: Homemade iced Chai Lattes.

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