Monday, June 18, 2012

Dad's Day

When I was home in March, we were going through some stuff after the funeral and stumbled across this super high quality coupon book I made for my dad. I vividly remember making it in elementary school and thinking long and hard about what I was and wasn't willing to do, and how many times I was willing to do each activity. 

In my little family of three I have a reputation for bargaining. From the time I was little, my mom drilled in to me not to whine. Don't whine Kate. It's very unbecoming,she would scold. Who says unbecoming to their 10 year old?? She hates whining. And really, who doesn't. Since whining was out of the question, in terms of methods Kate had to get what she wanted, 
I had to come up with Plan B. 
B is for bargaining.

Mom, how about if I eat one asparagus stalk instead of three, but THEN feed the dog.
Ok, how about if I eat two, then take the dog for a walk!
How about if I don't eat any, BUT you won't have to tell me to do KUMON or practice piano all week!
Kate, finish all three. Don't give them to the dog. Wash your dish when your done. I'm going to watch Jeopardy. 

Keeping in mind my affinity for bargaining, check out how many times I was willing to do each of these tasks for my dad. God forbid I should offer to do the dishes more than twice. 
That only child title runs deep.

Happy Father's Day to a dad who never cashed in his coupons, and instead, saved the whole book.
I miss you Dad.

Check out those semi colon puff balls.
A Big Hug...4 times usable.
Note the erased expiration date.
...4 times usable.
...3 times usable.
...2 times usable.
...3 times usable.
...2 times usable.

Marty's Little Girl, 

[The Latest]

Must Read: Barack Obama Singing Call Me worth the watch. Thanks Jessica! 
Google Search: Japan Typhoon.  
Tune: Sunday Morning By Maroon 5
Accomplishment: A small conversation in Japanese with my upstairs neighbor.
Obsessions: POP Pilates. On YouTube.


  1. Very sweet, Kate! We all miss him. Sending you lots of love!


  2. KB Lovely a touch of hunor & love, could I cash in on one of Martys big hugs? as hold back tears love you lady lots carol



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