Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thoughts Today III

On this last Thursday in June, here are a few of my thoughts, dreams, sights and sounds.

What I'm Seeing...
team english workin hard.

What I'm Saying...
it's been a rather international day.
 What I'm Reading...

What I'm Eating...
omiyage from kyoto.
thanks keima!
What I'm Hearing...
make sure to keep watching past the intro.

What I'm Pondering...
-my eye hurts
-i wish the eye dr. was open on thursdays
-why have i gotten so many eye infections this year?
-do i finish the rest of my water now or save some for after lunch?
-man i'm excited for my lunch today
-oh! i need to plan for my adult class tonight
-can i fit in a run and shower before class? but i feel so clean now...
-what should i wear to my enkai tomorrow?
-man this weekend is gonna be hectic, but fun hectic
-no work tomorrow for me!
-can't wait for the freakin i'm about to have me some fun

What I'm Dreaming...
i wish this i lived closer to this.
summer neons.
all things summer.

1 comment:

  1. The beach photo and the photo collage at the bottom is all I want in life! lol



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