Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Update

highlights included...

[1] rainy day fun in kashiwa
[2] a tasty vietnamese dinner
[3] godiva ice cream as a train treat
[4] a muddy sunday hike up mt. tuscuba

hope you all had a great weekend!





up purple, down black then orange.
love me some temples and taiko.
up, up, up.
view from the top.
everyone gets excited for a water break.
clouds on the move.
the first tab on the left was the size of the tree in 1700.
finishing crew.
we made a new friend.
the mud was a major factor.
Happy Monday,

[The Latest]

Must Read:Tons Of Dead Sardines Wash Up on Chiba Shore...from Japan Today. This happened in my hometown too, weird, no??
Google Search: Thai Tofu Recipe  
Tune: GLEE Its All Coming Back to Me Now By Celine Dion/GLEE Version.
Accomplishment: Feeling awesome during the hike. Exercising regularly really has its benefits.
Obsessions: Australian soap from Maya.

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