Monday, June 11, 2012

Journals of Conversation II

A few weeks ago I started mandatory conversation journals with one class of students, as well as a few older students who opted to participate just for fun. The last time I posted about the journals, I got so much interest and positive feedback, I knew I had to share a few more. Here are a few tidbits of conversations I'm currently having with 13 year old Japanese kids.

Make sure to read to the end, I saved the best for last.


talking about mothers day.
love this kid.
talking about his girlfriend.

rinkongakkou is school trip.

i was surprised this kid didn't ask if i knew the american.
and lets be real...i probably do.

Keeper of the Red Pen,

[The Latest]

Must Read: Coroner Rules Dingo to Blame for Australian Baby's Death...from CNN This poor woman!
Google Search: Will & Grace seasons.  
Tune: Without You By David Guetta.
Accomplishment: Chocolate covered pretzels. Pics coming soon.
Obsessions:  4L water jug, that I can refill at one of our grocery stores with free purified water.

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