Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Update

Highlights included...

a rainy saturday morning, where i had originally planned to go running, but the rain deterred me so i walked to starbucks...same diff

rainy day hangout sesh with friends before some onsen action

a birthday in Tokyo

an all nighter at a club where we got to see Sneaky Sound System, and where i got a stretchy, blinky, glow in the dark, all around kick ass, ring





Partied and Now Poor,

[The Latest]

The other day I ran out of dental floss, and for some reason floss in Japan is crazy expensive. Were talkin $12 and up. Being that my mom has been a huge supporter of flossing and I had just run out, I thought she would be more than willing to send me some. 
She was, and she did. 

And this is what I got...

...set for a lifetime of healthy gums.
Thanks mom! 
Love youuuuu

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