Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Note, From My Students, To You

Every day, the same class of students who write in their Conversation Journals, sing a song at the beginning of class. The song changes monthly, and needless to say the further into the month it is, the more entertaining their rendition. This clip is from June 25, ample time for the students to at least master the chorus

I made this silly little video last night. 
Which actually took my longer than I'd like to admit. 
But let's not talk about it.


*I am SO very sorry you all have to hear me sing. I thought I was whispering, but evidently not quietly enough.

Adding A Bit Of Wonder,

[The Latest]

Must Read: Picture of the Day: India and Elsewhere..from NY Times Blog.
Google Search: US State Department.
Tune: Silver Lining By Rilo Kiley.
Accomplishment: This little vid.
Obsessions: My little potted herbs.

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