Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekend Update

this last weekend, i had the most amazing, busy and expensive weekend to date. between multiple trips to tokyo, a doctors visit, a vietnamese visa, school enkai, mini shopping spree and epic night out, it's safe to say i shelled out quite a bit of cash. though i wouldn't change a thing. i mean really, in 10 years what am i gonna remember...the big bills i handed over, or the awesome memories i made? 
the second one. duh.

highlights included...
[1] group doctors visit, with our bright blue, not so subtle chart bags
[2] shibuya shopping spree after getting my visa for vietnam
where, get this...i got my vietnamese visa, in my american passport, where i spoke solely in japanese to get it. 
never in my life did i think that sentence would be true for me
[3] enkai with my teachers
[4] costco run
[5] kris' birthday party in the park
[6] night out, part 1, with sayaka at velours
[7] night out, part 2, in roppongi 


a sun streamed welcome to shibuya.


highlight of my weekend.


made a new friend.
take a guess where he too is from?
train travelin to bar number 2.
dancy pants.

never a dull moment,

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