Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Class Moments

When I'm teaching, at this little middle school of mine, I almost never take my iphone with me to class. The kids get way too excited and all lessons go out the window. For whatever reason, last week while I was teaching with Keima, I discovered I had my phone in my pocket. He chuckled at my face as I pulled it out of my skirt pocket (skirt pockets=best invention ever) and stared at in disbelief. I had no recollection of taking it with me. Since we had it in class anyway, we decided to take a few pics of the lesson we were doing. So here you go, a few impromptu shots, from our how to lesson with the big kids.

Keito Sensei

[The Latest]

Must Read: A Lesson on Patience...from a NY taxi driver. This has been making the rounds on facebook, but it is worth the read. I cried.
Google Search: Kayak.com 
Tune: Last Friday Night By Katy Perry.
Accomplishment: Strategic grocery shopping.
Obsessions: Homemade cookies.

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