Thursday, July 5, 2012


In exactly 25 days I will be setting off on the trip of a lifetime. A mini tour of South East Asia. I am so excited I can barely handle it! After a visit from a couple of good friends from high school and a few days touring Japan, we will be off. Starting in Cambodia, then to Vietnam, a few weeks in Thailand and a final week in South Korea to visit Jessica. Then it's back to Japan for the first day of the fall term. All along the way I will be meeting up with different friends from different chapters of my life, and no doubt making new ones. It has taken quite a bit of coordination to get all this organized, but I am sure it will be a trip to remember. 

In preparation, I have purchased a backpacking backpack, various one way tickets, a few travel books and a visa. In order to give me an idea of where I am in relation to my departure day, I came up with my own semi childish method to countdown the days.

I printed out a map of South East Asia and labeled 40 countries. Then I made a list of the countries alphabetically. Every day until August 1, I will find and color the assigned country. Since I am terrible at geography I thought this could help me quite a bit in that area as well. I am a few days in, and already look forward to grabbing a crayon everyday and coloring the assigned country.
It's actually a little sad how eager I am to color everyday. 

25 Days and Counting,

P.S. If anyone has any tips about my upcoming travel plans, please share!

P.P.S Remember this?! So excited to check a few new countries off. 

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Must Read:Sibling Success: The Power of 2...from NY Times. 
Google Search: ばった in kanji 
Tune: Happy Pills By Nora Jones.
Accomplishment: A new summer salad creation. Love.
Obsessions: Butter Lettuce.

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  1. WOW KB so much to see, lots & lots of places, people & adventures. Have a lovely time, be safe take care & lots of photos. Love Ya Lady



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