Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And I'm Off!

From August 1 to early September, I will be "out of the office" as I will be traveling to South East Asia for about a month.
I will be taking a little blog break while I head off...

to do this...


This will be the trip of a lifetime, as I hit up 4 countries in 5 weeks, with 4 different friends. 
It has taken some major coordinating, but all has worked out great so far. 
Here is a simplified version of where I will be going and with whom. 
I challenge you to try and follow.

Kiana and Megan to Japan for a week.
Megan to Korea/Kate and Kiana to Cambodia.
Megan, Kate and Kiana meet in Vietnam. Kris and Megan meet at Ho Chi Min airport.
Girls back to LA :(/Kate and Kris travel to Hanoi, Vietnam
Kate and Kris fly to Bangkok, then to Chiang Mai, then to Phuket. 
Kate heads to Korea to meet with Jessica for a week.
Kris to Cambodia.
Kate back to Japan early September.
Kris back to Japan a week later.

With me?!

I am sorry about the blog hiatus, but rest assured, when I come back in early September, I will bring with me pictures and stories of elephant rides, beautiful beaches, cooking classes, the killing fields, bamboo rafts, massages, zip-lining, and oh so much more! 

Hope you all have an excellent summer as well!

Talk to you soon!

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