Thursday, July 12, 2012

Skype Photoshoot

I've introduced her before, but I have no problem doing it again. Meet Jessica. My former college roommate, undoubtedly one of my best friends, and currently my only friend from the states sharing my time zone. 

Being that were in the same time zone, we have frequent, epicly long, skype sessions. Each conversation is absolutely silly, frequently enhanced by oreos, and usually themed (wine, nail polish, ice get the idea). When they reach a certain point, we just have to take screen shots. And now I just have to show you. 

[Kate & Jessica's Skype Photoshoot]
Here is a behind the scenes look at our skype sessions. 

[Arts and Crafts]
Because in the winter, when it's snowing outside, what else are you gonna do, but make paper snow flakes with your BFF??

It is a rare occasion that we both have oreos at the same time. We either have to suck it up and hand over a days salary for a little bag, or beg our moms to ship the classic cookie all the way from America.

[Fish Eyes]
Pretty self-explanatory.

[Lets pull our hair over our face]
Seemed like a good idea at the time.

[Unplanned Matching Outfit Skype Sesh]
This has happened shockingly often.

[Oh ya...]

note the time on the call...30 seconds in.
Her recent engagement is the reason I am going to Korea at the end of my summer travels. I can not wait to spend a whole week with her in her little apartment in Seoul. So excited!
If you're interested, you can read her engagement story on her blog here.

Congrats Jessica & Patrick!

[The Latest]

Must Read: Facebook Inspired Designer Makeup...from Buzzfeed. Seriously?!
Google Search: Centers for Disease Control. 
Tune: Happy Pills By Norah Jones.
Accomplishment: Handling the heat.
Obsessions: Pesto pasta.

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