Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Update

Last Monday, was Marine Day, a national holiday here in Japan, creating a 3-day weekend. I soaked up every moment of the weekend, with a day in Tokyo, and two in a gorgeous cabin in Gunma. 

Highlights included...

[1] this photo of debs in bershka`s shibuya store.
[2] baskin robbins. 
[3] bikes at a busy shibuya corner.
[4] hummus. because hummus is yummus.
[5] before settling in to the cabin, we bought a ton of meat at a brazilian market.
[6] BBQ fun.
[7] my favorite, fireworks.







so here is the story with the towel...
i wanted to buy a beach towel for this trip, and when i went to a store that i knew would have them this is all i found. towels with snaps and hoods. i bypassed all the towels with nonsensical english writing all over them and this is what i ended up with.


1 comment:

  1. KB the photo of the food ready for the cook out looked delish I could taste it & love the towl!!Love Ya



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