Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SEA: Thailand


hello: สวัสดี (sa-wat-dii)
capital: bangkok
language: thai
population: 66,720,153
currency: bhat
area: 198,115 sq mi
drives on the: left
government: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
thank you:  ขอบคุณ (khop khun )

fun, smiley, happy, friendly, warm, witty, diverse, rainy, fragrant, trendy, busy, exciting, international, relaxed, touristy, adventurous, picturesque.

welcome to thailand.

kris and i spent about a week and a half in thailand hitting up three major cities, bangkok, chiang mai and phuket, and cramming each day with as many activities as possible. of all the countries i visited on this trip, thailand was my favorite. the culture, food, colors, sounds and smiles made for an amazing time. on top of all that, the activities that are available are unreal. between riding elephants, visiting ruins, taking a cooking class, playing with tigers and getting massages for $10, thailand really was an amusement park for adults. i could go on and on, but i won't. just make sure you put thailand on your list of places to visit. 

[chiang mai]

english studs!

at the tiger kingdom, sweet name right?!, you bought a ticket for the size of tiger you wanted to pet.
we bought one for the smallest and one for the biggest. 
smallest-4 months old.
so freakin cute. i wanted to pack him in my backpack.
kris and el tigre nappin.
biggest-20 years old.
i love his face in this one.

the tiger kingdom also had xorb-ing.
it was extremely difficult. we were only allowed 10 minutes because of the heat and that was plenty. 
kris was more dedicated, ergo better, than i.
by the end, i was just flopped on the water. 
a friend from our hostel took a little video...

tiger kingdom ALSO had the fish that nibble on your toes.
for 15 minutes we let the fish nibble away at our dead skin.
it wasn't painful at all, but the more i thought about what was actually happening, the more i couldn't sit still.
airport waitin.
we both tried to keep travel journals, but inevitably were always days behind.
boat to ko phi phi.
in case you wanted to go for a walk...

happy happy hour.
fire show at the half moon party.
fire jump rope.
that's me! second volunteer. boom.
and yes i got a little burnt on my shoulder. 


cooking class instructor.
took us to the market prior to cooking to show us what was what. 
smallest peppers are the hottest.

monk blessing.
the only words he said were...
NEXT! and donation.
wat po.
reclining buddha.

once boys, now ladies.

[the highlights...]
-eating awesome thai food for outrageously cheap prices on the street.
-meeting tons of young people.
-chatting with monks.
-over night trains.
-riding elephants.
-petting tigers.
-cooking class.
-cabaret show.
-wat po.
-thai massages.
-beach party.

go to thailand, 

[up next...]
a thai moment

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