Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Speech Contest Round Up

It is that time of year again, time for my little Japanese kiddos to show off their English. 
The Speech Contest works like this...the students that are interested, sign up to audition, and the English department, myself included, selects those we think are best fit to participate. These students select a short piece of prose, which they recite on the day of the competition. The contest itself consists of recitation of a short piece of prose selected by the students. The students are grouped according to their grade, and judged on their performance. The winners move on to the prefectural competition, where they have a chance to compete at nationals.

Repeat after me...pLay. Not pRay,

[The Latest]

Must Read:The World`s First Pizza Museum...from BBC. 
Google Search: Modern Family fall 2012 premiere...Sept 26
Tune: Hold On By Wilson Phillips.
Accomplishment: Cleaning out my closet while I unpacked.
Obsessions: New iPhone background.

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