Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Speak Out

Yesterday, Namiko and I took 9 students to neighboring Abiko City to compete in our districts speech contest. We spent the entire morning hearing speeches form different students. While the judges to deliberated the ALTs got up on stage to tell the students a bit about us, and take questions from them.

Big 3rd Years.
Waka, Miyuki and Nanasa.
We rocked out to my ipod the whole drive over.
1st Years.
Maika and Ando.

Oliva, Kim, Kate and Kris.
No idea what I'm doing.
When it was all said and done, we had two kids win second place in their division. They were thrilled! We took a few group photos, and I gave everyone a lollipop with a little not tied around it. They all worked so hard, they deserved it.


[The Latest]

Must Read: 5 User Complaints About the iphone 5...from CNN. 
Google Search: Singapore.  
Tune: Ho Hey By The Lumineers.
Accomplishment: A great speech competition.
Obsessions: New nail polish.

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