Monday, May 28, 2012

Cloud Soundtrack

This afternoon, just as I was about to bike home, the winds picked up and the clouds rolled in. Then we heard the thunder, the kind that makes you think the universe is mad at you, followed by a flash of lightening, the kind the makes you wonder if there is someone up there throwing bolts. 
The clouds we both noisy and mysterious, 
so much so, it seemed silly not to take a few pictures.

Angry iphone weather warning.

Boom, Boom, Flash,

[The Latest]

Must Read: Happy Birthday Golden Gate ...wish I was there to celebrate with the big red bridge.
Google Search: Angkor Wat.
Tune: YMCA By The Village People...the song came on while I was grocery shopping today and I danced all around the store. The cashiers we well entertained. 
Accomplishment: Spending the majority of my weekend outside in the sun.
Obsessions: My summer wardrobe.

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