Monday, July 9, 2012


Since quitting kyuushoku about a month ago, I have found myself eager to try new recipes now that I am free of school lunch.  I am frequently looking up recipes at work, deciding whether or not all the ingredients are available in Japan, then heading to the store to harvest them. Being that it is summer, most of my meals have been amazingly colorful, and straight up beautiful. 
So much so, I can't help but snap a few photos. 

So, since I have become so camera happy in the kitchen, I am adding a new little tab to the left hand side of the blog, called, foodie. I plan to add a few pics of my gorgeous meals and a link to their recipes for anyone that is interested.  

My latest kitchen adventure has been sangria. I love sangria. And after talking to friends who were telling me how much they enjoyed a few glasses while ringing in America's birthday, I decided I wanted in on the fun too. I used this super simple recipe last week. My batch lasted through the weekend, and was an excellent addition to the tacos Debs and I had for dinner Monday night. 

See my first, unintended, foodie posts, here and here.


[The Latest]

Must Read: On the Beach in the Buff. In Wisconsin?...from the NY Times. 
Google Search: How many prefectures are in Japan? 
Tune: Upside Down By Jack Johnson.
Accomplishment: An awesome taco salad for lunch.
Obsessions: Iced coffee.


  1. KB: Looks like you are in a tex mex direction, looks good! & have been enjoying your music selections, like Jack Johnson nice gitar smoooth music. love Ya



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